woke up with a swollen ass lip right under my pimple that hurt like a bitch.
got ready and went to the dentist and had dr. a check me out.
my mom made an appointment for me to go to kaiser at 2 and that meant that if i went to school id only make dance and pe so LOL. so i stayed home.
we cleaned and shipped the bird and stuff then the girls came home and we went to kaiser.
the doctor was a bit confused about my condition so she gave me antibiotics and retin A for my acne (although i didnt really need it)
umh next we went to ross to pick up last minute stuff for my dad.
went home and ate and stuff.
had my bigass medicine pills. gave me a major headache.

When I watch Zac and Vanessa, I smile because they are so cute! - Ashley Tisdale

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I must take selfies likes this one day

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